What People Say

The following are direct quotes from third party client feedback interviews:

  • “Smart and experienced, and provides guidance to the leadership team, solving tactical issues to resolution that we have a problem identifying on our own. Creates strategies for the team for the future.”
  • “Frumi allowed me to feel comfortable and safe in being open in a way that enabled me to work through challenges I wasn’t aware I was having.”
  • “Transparent, a good head on her shoulders, understands issues professionals face today and provides a good plan as to how to deal with those kinds of issues.”
  • “Adapted her style to my specific needs. Didn’t just try to fit the round peg into the square hole.
  • “What you see if what you get. Very honest, ethical, answers come from a place which shows a lot of experience and thought, she understands the issues, and can digest and help with them.
  • “Insightful, strategic, thoughtful in her approach, someone I can trust, I really enjoyed working with her”.
  • “Lots of developed insights about people and how to work with them. Very helpful.”
  • “Very knowledgeable about subject matter; good structured process she likes to use. Personable, easy to get along with.”
  • “A respected business professional, a lot of experience and wisdom, offers a different perspective. If you are hitting a road block, she offers a different approach.”
  • “I like her desire to find solutions and mentor. Frumi is professional, responsive, and a lifelong learner.”


“Once a client always a relationship.”

While CEOs like to remain anonymous and consider Dr. Frumi their “secret weapon” a few are willing to share their experience:

Frumi has provided innovative and personalized services in a variety of meeting settings for our Board of Directors and Executive and Management Teams. She has guided us through extensive planning sessions and numerous group and individual activities that yielded tangible results relevant to the growth of our organization.

Dan Rogers

CEO , Goodwill Industries of Orange County

We have worked with Dr. Barr for the past 11 years. In that time, she has been a close Confidante and proactive member of our team. She has had a tremendous impact on our strategic focus and direction. Best of all, Dr. Barr has end-to-end expertise is business – sales, strategic planning, human resources, customer relations, and finance. We feel very fortune to have someone as creative, dynamic, and strategic as Dr. Barr available to us anytime we need advice or strategic support. It’s like having your very own strategist on staff! As we continue to grow, Dr. Barr will continue to be an instrumental part of our team!

John Hall

CEO & Co-Founder, Greenwood & Hall

Dr. Frumi is a joy to work with.  She provides a safe haven that has helped me to grow both personally and professionally.  I would highly recommend anyone looking to rapidly grow their company, in a consistent, safe, and healthy way, to reach out to Dr. Frumi immediately.

Ryan Markel

CEO, Take Ctrl

Frumi is a perceptive listener – she hears more than words and actually hears the meaning underlying them. She has great insight- through listening, intuition and wisdom; she creates highly targeted and realistic courses of action. Frumi honors confidentiality and has no critical judgment – she creates a safe zone to explore real issues and allow for real growth.

Tracy Kwiker

President, Pivotal Events

Clients include:

7 for Mankind



Alzheimer Association of Orange County

American Society of Cinematographers

Cash America






Goodwill of Orange County

H & R Block



Greenwood & Hall

Kaiser Permanente

Kwait jewelers

Lifestyle Travel


Raley’s Supermarkets

Rothstein Cass

Self-Help for the Elderly

Stonefield Josephson (now Marcum LLP)

Sonssett H & R Block Franchises

Take Ctrl

Word & Brown