Discover Your Purpose

Finding the power of your Purpose, your Why.

Social psychologists urge their followers to find their inner selves. It’s a pop mantra that we won’t chant. Instead, we define your Why as something very specific. It is your most valuable business tool. Knowing your Why is the first step. Why is simply understanding, accepting and articulating your own purpose and that of your enterprise. Think of it as a guide.

Don’t confuse Why with How and What. Why is simply your purpose, your cause and your belief. It is essentially, Why you are here. What, on the other hand, is what you do. It’s easily identifiable. If you are the CEO of Ford, What is that you make cars. If you are IBM, you make computers. How is only slightly less readily identified. How is your guiding values and the process by which you create your result. It is your manufacturing process, your patents, your factories and your employees.

We’re here to assist you in discovering your Why, your Purpose—a more difficult, introspective task to identify. Think of your purpose in life and that of your enterprise. What is your cause? What do you believe in?

You’ll know you’ve hit on your Why when you can say, “This is my function; it is what I stand for; my company exists for these things. It is the first, last and the only reason we endure.”

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“Knowing your Why

is the first step …

Think of it as a guide.”