Business Growth Circles

For CEOs Who Want to Win!

The World is  Changing, Competitive, and Evolving!

Stay Ahead of the Pack with Business Growth Circles

In this rapidly evolving world a new type of leadership acumen is necessary. What worked yesterday won’t work tomorrow. Being the leader that others want to follow requires continuous development especially in any industry that’s in a state of tremendous transition.

Your company’s success depends upon…

  • Identifying opportunities
  • Building a resilient and collaborative culture
  • Making timely and appropriate decisions
  • Detecting looming threats on the horizon
  • Staying focused in the face of difficult situations
  • Reinforcing mindset to play to win
  • Understanding yourself and your effect on others

Business Growth Circles will support your leadership journey as you navigate each of these challenges.

Your Business Growth Circle Colleagues will be….

  • Advisors to share the burden people you respect, trust and who are extraordinarily capable in their own right
  • Collaborators with integrity, relationships and collaboration
  • Peers– who understand your challenges
  • Friends – who care about you

What is a Growth Circle?

A year-long journey with CEOs just like you, working through challenges just like yours so you can scale and achieve sustainable growth for your companies. Become champions for each other in a confidential, safe and fun environment.

Where: Online, in Zoom

When: Monthly, 3 hours from your desk

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“The quality of your life is a direct reflection of your peer group. Choose your peers wisely.”

~ Tony Robbins