Use a Playbook to Change the Game

Grow safely to a sustainable company

If your company is currently operating with ineffective, less than stellar, procedures—or no procedures at all—then you’ve seen the problems firsthand. Blockers, increased frustration among team members, and wasted time and money are all a result of poor planning. Having repeatable, scalable processes, on the other hand, boosts your bottom line. It decreases time spent fighting fires, encourages independence and autonomy on your team, saves time and mistakes, and ensures consistent results.

Once your team is working from a playbook, you’ll have more time to focus on fun, creative, and innovative activities that boost your profits. Say goodbye to putting out fires and hello to igniting productivity and growth.

Why You Need Business Playbooks 

Sports playbooks are known for being incredibly detailed. They outline everything, needed to remain in alignment and execute well.

Now think about all the tactics that go into keeping your company running smoothly. Each player on your team has their own priorities to execute. A marketing director will have a different set of duties from the communications director and from the CEO. But as a team, there are a lot of initiatives that require you to collaborate together as a group.

Keeping all of the moving parts in your business running smoothly is only possible if you have a plan in place. And if something goes wrong, what is the contingency plan? If the CEO has a family emergency, who steps up to lead in her absence?

Without a playbook, your team is left scrambling to move forward. This results in a lot of wasted time, wasted energy, and undue stress and anxiety.

Leadership Playbook for CEOs and the C Suite

Team Development Playbook


 The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™ is an assessment-based learning experience that helps people discover what it takes to build a high-performing team. Bringing together everyone’s personalities and preferences to develop a cohesive, productive team takes work, but the payoff can be huge—for your people, the team, and the organization.

The single most untapped competitive advantage is teamwork. To gain this advantage, teams must:

  • Trust one another
  • Engage in Conflict around ideas
  • Commit to decisions
  • Hold one another Accountable
  • Focus on achieving collective Results

What does this program do?

The program helps teams understand how they score on the key components of The Five Behaviors model: Trust, Conflict, Commitment, Accountability, and Results.

Individual team members will learn about their own personality style and the styles of their team members— based on the Everything DiSC® model—and how their style contributes to the team’s overall success.

A productive, high-functioning team:

  • Makes better, faster decisions
  • Taps into the skills and opinions of all members
  • Avoids wasting time and energy on politics, confusion, and destructive conflict
  • Avoids wasting time talking about the wrong issues and revisiting the same topics over and over again because of a lack of buy-in
  • Creates a competitive advantage Is more fun to be on! 

People & Culture Playbook

Are all your people happy and engaged and would you “rehire” all of them?

  • Become a magnet for A Players who are aligned and dedicated to your goals
  • Increase Accountability and Results
  • Assess the health of your team with the Five Cohesive Behaviors of a Team Assessment powered by Everything DiSC

Strategy Playbook

Are you playing the game or playing to win? Developing a winning strategy is critical to your success. Is your strategy driving sustainable growth in revenue and gross margins?

  • Clarify Your Core Value
  • Discover your SWOTs and trends
  • Determine your 3-5 year key strategies to catapult your growth

Execution Playbook

Are all processes running smoothly without drama and driving industry-leading profitability?

  • Learn and apply the habits that successful companies deploy
  • Create a culture of discipline
  • Fine-tune processes to run without drama

Cash Management Playbook

Do you have consistent sources of cash, ideally generated internally to fund the growth of your company?

  • Accelerate cash flow to fuel your evolution
  • Improve your sales cycle and make sure you don’t grow broke!

Full Scale-Up Playbook

Includes the following Playbooks outlined above:

  • Team Development Playbook
  • People & Culture Playbook
  • Strategy Playbook
  • Execution Playbook
  • Cash Management Playbook

The Result: A One-Page Strategic Thinking and Execution Planning Document


“Looking for a strategic advantage?

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to the right place!”