Align your purpose and business

What motives drive you?

Is it possible to grow a successful business based on a concept in an industry that is not your passion? Yes – it’s possible but not sustainable. Building a hugely successful company is not easy. It takes discipline and work and involves a lot of challenges. It’s not about convenience or waiting for opportunities to knock on your door. It’s about meeting those challenges, persevering through your dream business’s gestation and seeing it through to the point when you start reaping the benefits and rewards It requires you doing whatever it takes. And it will only happen if you are in love with what you are doing.

Why are you in your own business right now? Why are doing what you are doing? People talk about motivation. Motivation is basically ineffective because it typically doesn’t last more than a few hours or days at best.

Here’s what does last, for months, years, a life time. Your motives. Big goals in and of themselves do not create great accomplishment. What does create great accomplishment is what lies beneath the great goals – your own personal motive. The force that drives you. That motive is what we call your “Why”.

Clearly knowing why you want to achieve your goals will play a major role in you achieving them.

On the days that you don’t feel like doing what it takes, the days when obstacles seem bigger than the possibilities, it is that irresistible force within you that will provide everything you need.

The first step in the process is creating a picture of the end result with as much clarity and emotional attachment as possible. Let’s discover how your why aligns with your business.

“Why are you in 

your business

right now?