Cash Flow Story

What are your numbers telling you?

Your Cash Flow Story Scorecard produces an automated financial health check on your business, ensuring everyone looks at your numbers in the same way.

Using powerful processes such as the Power of One, the 4 Chapters and the Big 3 Cash Flow measures the Scorecard will enable you to understand your financial story and improve the performance of your business.
Taking less than 10 minutes to setup, this unique web based Scorecard will deliver powerful analysis of your numbers in an easy to understand format. The Scorecard will bring your numbers to life and enable you to measure the financial impact of your decisions in advance.

At Scaling 4 Growth, we are Financial Storytellers.

We can easily walk you through a series of up to 9 screens of graphs and tables that will tell you the financial story of your business. The simplicity of loading the data ensures that you will look at all your data in a consistent manner. Smart screen designs enable us to match the level of our storytelling with your knowledge level. Detailed help explains each graph and table to ensure we are great storytellers.

We will:

  • Explain why your Profit differs from your Cash Flow – and how to improve both
  • Show you what your business is worth – and how to improve its value
  • Explain your Working Capital Cycle and the impact on your Cash Flow
  • Show you your Power of One – indicate what a 1% improvement will do to Profit, Cash Flow and Business Value

We will Improve your business.

As your financial storyteller and Growth Advisor we will be in a strong position to assist you to develop strategies to improve your business. We will be able to show the impact that changes to the key drivers of your business such as Price and Volume will have not only on Profit and Cash Flow but also on the Value of your business.

Imagine being able to see the effect of decisions you make before you implement them…Imagine knowing how a decision you make will effect your Cash Flow…

Cash Flow Story History.

The Cash Flow Story is based on the successful financial story telling techniques developed over the last 25 years by Alan Miltz and Joss Milner. As qualified Chartered Accountants, both Alan and Joss continually found themselves trying to explain what the numbers meant to business owners & managers, advisors and bankers. They found that most people rarely looked past the first chapter of their financial story; The Profit Story, leaving the rest of the financial story unread.

The Cash Flow Story Scorecard techniques are currently in use by over 20,000 people in 22 countries, including over 300 banks, 2,000 CPA firms and many thousands of businesses, so we know they work!
We are excited to share these techniques and concepts with you. Call now to start seeing your numbers and the story they tell.